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Our Grooming Department Returns!

To all our amazing clients:

We are excited to announce the reopening of our grooming salon! In addition to offering exceptional medical care, we offer a variety of quality grooming services for dogs, cats, and rabbits.  Our stylists are well-versed in breed-specific cuts and are trained in handling your four-legged family members with a Fear Free approach.  

Additionally, we are ecstatic to announce our second full-time groomer! With this new expansion, we now offer grooming services six days a week!

Meet our groomers below:

Meet Leslie!

Hello! I have been working in the grooming world for over 10 years as bather, apprentice, and, finally, full groomer. I have been a full professional groomer for five years, taking over the CPH department in December of 2015. My specialties are cats (I'm a member of the National Cat Groomer Association), rabbits, geriatric pets, hand stripping, modern fusion styles, poodles, and various other breed-specific clips. 

As a veterinary groomer, I specialize in blind, deaf, and physically challenged pets. As a fur-parent to five geriatric animals, (including one with special needs), I understand their bodies and how patience and compassion are key to the pets comfort while being groomed. 

Cats are my joy and pleasure to groom! Whether I’m giving a tight lion cut or a full-coat groom with a bath and blow out, I love working with your feline companions!

Some more personal info: I'm 49 and have had pets my whole life. From Siamese to terriers, to labs and spitz breeds, and my extensive time with mastiffs, I understand animals better than humans! In my spare time, I love cooking, baking, and watching wrestling!

Meet Lisa!

Howdy! I’m the newest groomer at Companion Pet Hospital and I’ve been in the pet industry for many years. I was hired as a Client Service Representative in 2017 before heading down to the grooming salon as an assistant/bather, and eventually, becoming Leslie’s apprentice. All dogs have different needs, and I always strive to identify what I can do for each individual animal to make their experience with me more comfortable. My first priority is always your pet’s emotional and physical safety, and I take great pride in working for a Fear Free practice that mirrors my ideals about how animals should be handled, whether in treatment or our grooming salon.

I love working on double-coat breeds and find deshedding coats to be very satisfying. I particularly love Shih Tzus and find it very hard to not hug every one that I see. Having owned my own Shih Tzu, I’m very comfortable working with them throughout all stages of their lives, from puppy to geriatric. I’m also experienced with many other breeds, as well as mixed breeds (and especially doodles!). As a new groomer, I am always learning and trying to expand my knowledge of different breeds, techniques, and styles. Additionally, I have a great deal of experience working with geriatric and special needs dogs, particularly those who have IVDD and some degree of paralysis. I’ve found those medically necessary grooms that improve a dog’s quality of life to be my most fulfilling.

Outside of work, it’s very rare if I’m not with at least one animal, whether it’s one of my own or one that I’m pet-sitting. It’s always been my dream to be surrounded by pets and I am very fortunate that I’ve been able to make that my life!

If you are interested in scheduling a groom with one of our amazing stylists, please contact us at 215-703-7387!

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