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COVID-19 4/10 Update

We hope our #CPHPhaithful are staying safe, healthy, and having a wonderful Spring holiday season! We want to take a moment to update everyone on our recent protocol adjustments to further protect you, your pets, and our staff while your pets visit us at the hospital.

Telemedicine is up and running! Download the Medici app now to create a profile and connect with one of our doctors from the comfort of your couch! Please note, we can only tele-consult with you if a CPH doctor has examined your pet in the last year.

If you are scheduling an in-hospital appointment, you will be asked about your COVID-19 status and if you’ve recently traveled. Please let us know if you have recently shown symptoms (or are living with someone symptomatic) or traveled and we will work to accommodate your pet’s needs.

When you arrive at the hospital for an appointment or medication/food pick up, please call us at 215-703-7387. You will be asked your pet’s name and make/model of your car, if you drove. If you walked to us, we’ll ask where you’re standing or let you know where to meet us.

If your pet has an appointment, a technician will come out to you prepared to escort your pet into the building.

  • For dogs, the tech will use a pair of slip leads. We’ll ask you to hold onto your pup’s leash/harness/adorable sweatshirt to limit exposure.

  • For cats/exotic pets, we will be wiping the outside of the carrier with pet-safe disinfectant to remove any possible contaminants once your pet is inside the hospital.

After the doctor completes their examination, you’ll receive a phone call with the findings, along with any recommendations for treatments. You’ll then be transferred to a Client Service Representative to pay for the visit.

If you’re picking up food or medication, a Client Service Representative will carry your items out to you and set them down on the ground or a ledge (or your open trunk, if you drove), maintaining appropriate social distancing.

We cannot reach or enter into your vehicle under any circumstances, including retrieving your pet or any samples. We will load food into the open trunk of your vehicle.

We are currently asking our clients to pay for services, treatments, and purchases over the phone using a credit card. We will still accept cash or checks, but to try to maintain social distancing, credit cards are strongly encouraged at this time.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need particular accommodations. We are still here! - ready to provide you and your pet the very best possible treatment as safely as we possibly can.

Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

~The Team at Companion Pet Hospital

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