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A note about COVID-19

A Note on COVID-19

With news of novel coronavirus breaking every minute, we wanted to take a moment to update our #CPHPhaithful as to the steps we are taking to keep our staff, you, and your companions safe while you’re in our practice.

To be clear, our number one priority is always the safety of our staff, our clients, and our patients.

We’ve increased the frequency we clean all areas of the hospital, from our front lobby, the CSR counter, our exam rooms, treatment areas, offices, and break room. We use KennelSol (a pet-friendly solution designed specifically with your dog’s sense of smell in mind - it doesn’t make them “nose blind” the way that bleach does, but is similarly disinfectant), and recently, we’ve added Rescue Disinfectant Cleaner (an even more powerful, Fear Free-approved solution) to our cleaning protocols. We also continually clean human workspaces with Lysol/Clorox wipes.

We are currently keeping Purell hand sanitizer in the lobby, each exam room, and roughly every three feet in shared workspaces. While you’re visiting us, if there’s ever a time you’d like to wash your hands, please ask a CPH employee, who would be happy to direct you to the nearest sink. Our team is being encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently. Additionally, if you’d like our staff to wear gloves during your pet’s time here, please request so before handing off your pet. We’re also self-policing face-touching amongst staff. We have yet to implement staff-wide mandatory e-collars, but stay tuned!

As a company, we’ve ceased all unnecessary travel and have stressed to our employees that their health is as important to us as our patients - that if someone falls ill, it is in everyone’s best interests that they stay home and get better before returning to work. We do ask, in the case that we are running with fewer employees than usual, that you understand we may have a longer wait time on the phones or for a check in/check out. Thank you in advance for your patience!

We are now offering curbside service for your pet’s appointments! If you are concerned about coming into a crowded lobby, you can request a curbside appointment instead of an exam room. A technician will come to your car, take a history, then bring your pet into the hospital for their full examination with their doctor. The doctor will then call your cell phone to discuss any findings and treatment plans. We’ll bring your companion back with any medications, food, and/or preventatives and check you out over the phone. The medicine will remain the same quality as what you’ve come to expect from us, but we’ll be able to maintain social distance.

Our grooming department is offering curbside service, too! Call us when you’re here and Leslie, Bob, or one of our grooming assistants will meet you at your car to facilitate your pet’s arrival.

We’re also investigating the logistics of telemedicine during this time, and while it will likely be a bumpy ride until we work out the kinks, we will have this available by next week, in some capacity. There are still some details to work through, but the idea is that you could call/text/video chat with one of our doctors who could offer guidance about your pet without needing to leave your home. This DOES NOT replace a full physical exam, but it will be a way for our doctors to let you know if a visit is imperative. We’ll release full details and pricing very shortly. During this difficult time, some people will be on self-quarantine, others will need to be home with family, and others may just want to avoid a crowded lobby. We want to work with all of you, to make sure that your pets are cared for as best we can.

Please be assured that we are planning extensively for many possibilities as our neighborhood braces for COVID-19. It is our intent to be physically in the hospital for as long as we can, to greet you and your companion at the door (or your car), and to offer your pet the very best medicine that we can provide. While you’re visiting us (or while you’re planning your visit), please let us know if you need any additional accommodations during this period.

As more information is available, we will update our team and clients, so please keep an eye on our social media platforms, our website, or call with any additional questions. Please stay healthy and safe!

~Dr. Majeska and the team at Companion Pet Hospital

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