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4/24 COVID-19 Update

We hope everyone is staying healthy and socially distant during this 976 week of lockdown! Here are this week’s CPH updates:

Rabies and Leptospirosis Vaccines

In March, we made the decision - under the guidance of the Commonwealth - to cease performing routine wellness exams and vaccines until there was a clearer understanding of the threats of COVID-19. As it’s become clearer we will all be dealing with this pandemic for the foreseeable future, we have amended our policy in an effort to mitigate the spread of zoonotic diseases (those that can be spread from animal to human), such as Rabies and Leptospirosis.

We can now schedule exams for pets at least 30-days overdue for Rabies or Leptospirosis vaccines. 

Currently, we still cannot book an appointment for non-zoonotic vaccines (Lyme, influenza, bordetella, FVRCP), though we may be able to accommodate if your pet is already here for a pandemic-appropriate visit (and it’s medically appropriate as determined by your doctor).  Please check your email for your pet's reminders - we never turned them off, so you'd continue to receive accurate due dates for your pet's vaccines, and as always, please let us know if you have any questions!


While, unfortunately, our grooming salon remains closed for routine grooming services, we understand that there are legitimate health concerns for some pets who are unable to be bathed and groomed right now. If you have concerns about your pet’s skin or any other conditions that are typically regulated through grooming, please let us know! We can facilitate an appointment with one of our veterinarians (either in-house or via telemedicine) to determine if a groom would be medically necessary, and, at that point, schedule a bath or trim. 

To be clear, these services can and will only be offered after a doctor deems them medically necessary and appropriate to your pet’s comfort and well-being. 

A word from Leslie!

Leslie asked us to pass along the following note:

To our wonderful grooming clients,

I wanted to let you all know that I am thinking of you, your pets, and your families during this unprecedented time. Many of you have become like family to me. 

Your animals brighten my day and bring more joy that you can ever know - even the naughty little stinkers!

Hold them close, give them a kiss and hug from me, and tell them I’ll be back soon to scrub their tushies!

Peace, love, and tail wags, 

Miss Leslie

Echoing Leslie’s sentiment, our clients and patients have always been amazing, but you, our #CPHPhaithful, have been other-worldly incredible during this pandemic. Your patience, kind words, and treats have kept the wind in our sails and highlighted what an honor it is to continue to serve this community.

Please stay safe and give your little one a smush from:

Your Friends at Companion Pet Hospital!

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