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3/20 Update: Appointment Restrictions and Telemedicine through Medici

Happy Friday, #CPHPhaithful!

With the commonwealth’s latest restrictions update, we need to amend again the types of appointments we are permitted to perform. In keeping with the guidance from PAVMA:

Grooming services are suspended, effective immediately. We can, however, accommodate medical grooms, when necessary.

We can no longer perform “elective” procedures, including most spays and neuters, dental cleanings, or elective mass removals. We can, however, perform these surgeries when medically emergent.

We can no longer schedule nail trims. We can, however, accommodate patients that have broken/bleeding nails.

We are still open to see sick patients. This includes (but is not wholly limited to): GI upset, skin or ear infections, urinary issues, injuries/wounds, and dental disease.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any clarifications - unfortunately, these changes are happening so quickly and daily, and we are working hard to make these adjustments as transparent and convenient as possible for our clients!

To help supplement our treatment offerings, we are now offering telemedicine through Medici!

In order to qualify for this new service, your pet must have a valid veterinary client-patient relationship; that is to say, one of our CPH veterinarians has examined your pet over the last year. Once that is verified, you’ll be able to consult with one of our doctors via text/phone/video chat to determine a treatment plan. You can utilize this tool for (but not limited to): recheck appointments, medication management (if appropriate), treatment plan discussions, post-operative discussions, exotic pet habitat discussions, and sick consultations.

Due to the nature of these appointments, not every scenario is appropriate to handle through telemedicine; as such, you may still be directed to bring your pet to us at CPH or directly to an emergency service. Thank you for your patience in advance as we iron out the inevitable wrinkles involved in rolling this out!

Please download the Medici app by clicking on this link.

One of our doctors will be available through our business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm; Saturday, 9am-3pm), and you can reach out to us if you’re looking to specifically consult with your favorite CPH doctor. This app is meant to supplement our offerings during this crisis and beyond.

In order to best maintain availability for those patients that need it most, please continue to email or call us directly to request any food or medication requests.

Thank you so much for placing your trust in us to care for your companions and for your patience and understanding while we - right alongside yous - try to navigate these unprecedented times. And by alongside, we, of course, mean a socially acceptable 6-foot distance!

~Your friends at Companion Pet Hospital

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