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Fear Free at CPH

If you’ve visited Companion Pet Hospital in the last two years, you may have heard us discuss Fear Free and that we’ve been working towards becoming a certified practice. This week, our certification became official!

CPH’s mission is to treat our clients as valued guests and our patients with the best possible care using Mindfulness, Service, and Humanity (you can read all about our Core Values in our About Us section of our website!).

Fear Free’s mission (from their website) is “to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them.” Incorporating Fear Free into our culture was an easy fit.

In fact, we’ve unknowingly been using Fear Free-approved techniques since we opened -- using high-value treats to entice your pup into treatments, and utilizing a white noise machine to help keep your cat relaxed, for example. Even our separate cat floor existed long before we started certifying for Fear Free; we realized several years ago that cats tolerate treatments much better without a yelping dog on the other side of the door!

Today, we combine treats, toys and blankets, aural stimuli (calming music in rooms, white noise machine), pheromones (Adaptil/Feliway), supplements (Zylkene), and/or medications (Gabapentin, Trazodone - or even full anesthetic sedation) in an effort to keep your companion as safe and comfortable at our hospital as we can.

We also “verbalize the exam” - detailing everything our veterinarians

and technicians are doing with our patients - in an effort to thoroughly educate our clients every step of the way. It’s one thing to know your pet is getting a vaccine; it’s more of a complete visit if you understand why we’re giving your companion that vaccine.

The overall goal is to ensure your pet has as safe and relaxed an appointment as possible. For our more fearful patients, we want to make today’s visit less stressful than yesterday’s - and that your pet might even want to come in tomorrow! Furthermore, our clients’ stress levels decrease as their pets’ anxiety does, making for better visits for owners. Lastly, but more importantly, this focus is providing a safer environment for you, your pet, and our staff.

If you have any specific questions about Fear Free, please visit Fear Free Happy Homes or reach out to us directly. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey and for being a part of our CPH family!

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