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We're moving to a new practice management system!!

Good morning, #cphphaithful! Today’s a big day for us: the rollout of our new operating system, eVet, replacing our former veterinary practice software across the entire hospital. We want to take a moment to share some of the reasons for and benefits to this change.

Our Client Service Representatives in the lobby will now have a streamlined way to confirm your appointment with you — for the last ten years, when you would call to see a doctor, a receptionist would make the appointment in one system, open a new email in another, type up a confirmation, and send it to you. The day before your appointment, they would individually work up a reminder email, and send it to you. Now, as soon as a CSR makes the appointment in eVet, that same system automatically sends you a confirmation AND reminder the day before we see you. Many of our former system redundancies will immediately simplify.

The way we communicate interdepartmentally changes completely, too. A CSR used to make a note about your vomiting pup (for example) in one of several places, then another note in a different part of the system to alert a technician to see the first note, and then a THIRD note to make sure your doctor saw it, too! Now, we’ll make the note, assign in (in the note) to the correct tech/doctor and…that’s it!

Additionally, blood work, fecal samples, urinalysis, and other lab work will be integrated into the system automatically, allowing our doctors to review and report on their findings much more quickly. Medications will be able to be prescribed sooner and your pet can be on the mend faster than ever! Speaking of medications, our inventory process will be streamlined, too, eliminating more waste, redundancies, and keeping costs as low as possible, both for us and our clients.

These examples are only the tip of the iceberg — in many instances, the way each of us operate in our roles is fundamentally different than it was a few days ago; and almost always for the better. In the future, we’ll be adding integration with the official #cphphilly app, SMS capabilities, and a client portal.

Changes this extreme demand a bit of patience and a dash of sense of humor — and we appreciate in advance our #cphphaithful sparing us a bit of both! Please, if you have any questions about our new systems, or anything at all, call/email/app us!

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