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Gunner the Mastiff

For today’s blog post, we wanted to share an interesting surgery case we saw recently. The following is from our Dr. Majeska;

Gunnar presented to us with a large swelling in his groin that had been recently producing discharge, and he had been licking at it quite often. Given the location of the mass — and the fact that Gunnar is an older, intact male with only one descended testicle — the assumption was made that this mass was a tumor associated with his retained testicle.

The infection was treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. We then saw him for a follow-up appointment to make sure he was healing from the infection — and then surgery, to remove the mass and perform a neuter.

The mass was large, but the curveball comes with the type of tumor discovered: it was not a testicular tumor, as originally thought, but a perianal adenoma. Perianal adenoma are linked to the hormones present in an intact male, but typically occur around the anus —for some reason Gunnar had one in his inguinal region instead. The good news is that we had clean margins for removing the mass and Gunnar was sent on his way after a successful mass removal and neuter, despite the surprise of the tumor.

But poor Gunnar had a rough time recovering from surgery! Because he insisted on breaking e-collars and licking the area, he had to make a couple of extra visits to CPH and VSEC to attempt to close up the wound site. Several times. Nothing would stop this boy from getting to his staples, until his dad found him a onesie fit for a Mastiff!! This worked for him and finally allowed him to heal nicely.

At his final follow-up visit Gunnar was feeling so much better that he even took some treats from Dr. M — which is a huge deal for a pup that was as uncomfortable (and therefore, not always pleasant or amenable to treatment) as he had been!

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