CPH is dedicated to our clients, our patients, and our environment; our clients should be treated as welcome guests, our patients should be receive the best care that we can offer, and we should limit our environmental impact as much as we possibly can. We strive to achieve this through: 

  • Mindfulness

    • Use intention in our actions and words​

    • Stay aware of the impact that we have on ourselves and others

    • Maintain self-awareness and self-care

    • Use Fear Free and Cat Friendly Certified practices

  • Environmental Responsibility

    • Our hospital was constructed using reused and recycled materials wherever possible​

    • Paperless as much as possible

  • Service

    • Practice quality medicine​

    • Maintain professionalism and efficiency 

    • Engage in our community

  • Humanity

    • Practice kindness, patience, and understanding with our patients, clients, and each other​