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Dr. Corinne Majeska


Dr. Corinne Majeska

Dr. Corinne Majeska earned her undergraduate degree at Penn State University and her master’s degree at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Dr. Majeska graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School in 2003, and has worked in several hospitals in the Philadelphia area as associate veterinarian and Chief of Staff, and then spent three years working as an emergency veterinarian. She made the jump to open CPH with her husband, Joshua Weber, as practice manager, and they opened their doors in December, 2009.    

Since opening, CPH has grown quickly and is now home to six full time vets. While management of such growth has practically been a full time job of its own, Dr. M continues to play an active role caring for her "first baby."  

On her 'off' time Dr. M, now a Mom of two, spends time keeping her kinds entertained, along with her two cats. They all join in for (very frustrating) yoga, (rather unproductive) knitting, (not nearly often enough) baking projects, and a ton of laughter and smiles. 

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